※ 住宅 (新築) / 木造3階  / 136㎡ / 東京都

Function:  House (newly)
Client: a family + 2 dogs
Structure: wood / 3 Floor / Engineer : Ryo Kuwako
Built area: 136 sqm
Location: Tokyo,Japan
Completion date: Jan.2014
Photo:Yosuke Suzuki

JENGA is the three-story wooden houses located in the city, on a corner of an overcrowded housing area which is strictly controlled by tough building laws and regulations.

Repetitive simulation works that are "overlap" and "remove" the elements define room layout  such as floors and walls enables to attain comfortable floor space efficiently.

We planned to achieve compatible environment with active life in Tokyo and generous comfort of the villa in a resort.



※ 住宅 (新築) / 木造2階  / 100㎡ / 東京都

TU MI KI is the two-story wooden house located in a quiet residential area of Tokyo. The house is planned as a prototype for double-income young couple to have comfortable time in a place which prioritize privacy of each other.

In this plan, we intended to build in a way like TU-MI-KI, by regarding standard size of materials, equipment and natural elements such as lighting and ventilation as  parts which compose daily life. (We named the house after TU-MI-KI; a building block toy in Japanese) 


FunctionHouse (newly)
Client: a family
Structure: wood / 2 Floor
Built area: 100 sqm
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Completion date: Aug. 2010
Photo:Yosuke Suzuki


宮城県角田市に位置する、築30年の住宅メーカー規格物件(2x4 構造)のリノベーション計画です。
当時の流行とも言えそうな、封建的なライフスタイルを感じさせる間取りや空間寸法を見直し、庭に近づき、そして家族同士が近づくように、壁や扉などの" 境界面"を刷新しています。

※ 住宅 木造2階 改修 / 120㎡ / 宮城県

Function:  House (renovation)
Client: a family
Structure: wood, steel / 2 Floor
Built area: 120 sqm
Location: Miyagi, Japan
Completion date: Feb. 2011
Photo:Eriko Kaji & Natsumi Yamada

KAKUDA is the renovation project of 30 years old standard article (2x4 structure) of ready-build house located in Kakuda-shi, Miyagi.

We renovate "interface" such as wall or door completely so that family feel more familiar to each other and to the garden by reviewing layout and space dimensions of the house that symbolize feudal lifestyle which can be said that it was the trend in those days.

Quiet room

※住宅 木造2階 新築 / 182㎡ / 東京都

Function:  House (newly)
Client: a family + 2 dogs
Structure: wood / 2 Floor 
Built area: 182 sqm
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Completion date: Apr. 2014

QUIET ROOM is the Court House designed toward the blue sky which is located in the heart of the city. Courtyard space, a core component of the house, brings peaceful abundance into  internal space with giving moderate sense of distance from neighborhood and reducing daily anxiety for such as security and privacy.



※ 住宅 (新築) / 木造2階  / 112㎡ / 東京都

FU-KI is the house such as the container designed to breath much. ("FU-KI" means the vessel of the wind in Japanese)

By applying high transparent material to the exterior exposed to the outside air, moderated sunlight penetrates into the living and wind blow in and out every direction. At the same time, eyesight will be directed to productive green spread in the south part of the house.

Function:  House (newly)
Client: a family
Structure: wood / 2 Floor
Built area: 112 sqm
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Completion date: Aug. 2013
Photo:Yosuke Suzuki